Channing sampling her first "solid" food-mushy carrots!

Channing sampling her first “solid” food-mushy carrots!

When Channing started eating solid foods around 6 months old I couldn’t wait to absorb every bit of information I could find on what to feed her, how to feed her, and what to do if she wouldn’t eat. She’s now 2 and a half and I’m still asking myself those same questions. And all she wants is bread!


Weelicious founder Catherine McCord

So as you can imagine I was really excited to talk to Weelicious founder and mom of 3 Catherine McCord. She’s created a food empire with recipe’s designed to make life easier for parents and healthier for kids. And she makes it look so easy!  I had to ask her how she does it and if I can do it too. In fact her website has an entire section dedicated to making toddler-friendly meals. I’m sold!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  1. How to get your kids excited about veggies by using your local farmers market
  2. Tips for dealing with finicky eaters
  3. Managing your child’s sugar consumption-how much is too much?
  4. Ideas to engage your kids in the kitchen

We also reveal details about Catherine’s new food delivery service called One Potato. They deliver healthy meals for families to cook at home that are organic, and partially prepped for the whole family to enjoy. And something really cool, One Potato is in partnership with LA Kitchen to help teach employees a new career skill. Here’s a pic of one of the partially prepared meals on this weeks’ menu! Yum!


One Potato Stuffed Shells


To try one of the thousands of recipe’s Catherine has created go to And for more info on her food delivery service go to