If only I had known about Brian the Birth Guy when I was pregnant! I think it could have eased my fears pre and post birth. Having worked with over 21,000 expectant families, Brian “The Birth Guy” Salmon has taught many childbirth classes and currently teaches the incredibly popular Dad’s childbirth class “Rocking Dads”. He also teaches a couples birth class called “Facilitating Fearless Birth”.

In this episode he lays out the reasons why dads play a vital role in childbirth and answers listeners questions about doulas and c-sections. As new parents we have so many questions about everything from poopie diapers to our postpartum bodies. It’s hard to remember anything when you’ve just had a baby much less implement it. That’s where doulas are vital.

Brian explains that doulas are there to support the mother through the entire childbirth process. And one way they can feel supported is through dad or their partner. Brian emphasizes the importance of partners knowing just as much about the birth as their baby mama because, let’s be honest, we are a little distracted during childbirth and will probably forget stuff.

In addition to being a father of 2, Brian also holds a degree in radiology, studied biology and chemistry with an emphasis in pathophysiology and owns BabyVision Ultrasound, San Antonio’s leader in 3D and 4D pre-natal imaging ultrasound. He often refers to himself as a “dude-la” which I’m kind of obsessed with. And although he’s in San Antonio he helps patients around the world through Skype sessions and web classes (technology rocks!).

In this episode we cover:

  • C-sections and VBACS
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Reaching your birth goals
  • Home birth vs hospital birth

For more information on Brian The Birth Guy’s classes and to follow him on social media, visit www.thebirthguy.com.


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