Can we be honest for a second? We live in a social media obsessed world. That means, everybody who is in the entertainment industry needs to know about their brand. Now before you cry about being a creative-type, let me reassure you with this weeks’ episode.

My guest is Marissa Garcia, Co-President of M+C Collective, a marketing and strategy company that works with TV and movie studios, top brands, and movers and shakers in the entertainment world. Before launching M+C Collective Marissa was Motion Picture Marketing Agent at CAA for 14 years. Yes, that CAA.

Her knowledge of what really goes on behind the scenes when marketing a movie is incredible and I’m so glad she was generous enough to share her expertise. If you’re an actor or writer and you don’t think your brand matters, you are wrong. It’s a topic of conversation in boardrooms all over this town and the actors who get that will rise to the top more quickly.

Christine Tasto & Marissa Garcia of M+C Collective

Marissa talks about why she left CAA and launched M+C with her partner Christine Tasto. Christine has 11 years experience in marketing at IMAX. These women have quickly merged their talents and created a powerful marketing company that knows how to work with moms. Do you know why? Because they are both moms!

We are living in a new age of Hollywood where women don’t have to feel tied down to a 15 hour work day and be a servant to this business. Marissa explains how they started their own company and now make this business fit into their schedules as women and mothers. Amazing!

This episode has so much great stuff in it you can practically hear me leaping with joy. Listen, then tell me what you’re doing to work on your brand whether you’re an actor, blogger, or business owner.

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