I recently had the chance to interview country music star and fellow Oklahoman Blake Shelton before the finale of The Voice on NBC.  Fans know Blake has been a huge part of the show’s success since it started back in 2011.

I asked him if he thinks he’s the funniest one on the show. “Um, yes! I think we all just have fun on the show and I’m probably the one that gives the least amount of crap,” said Shelton.

Blake was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma and moved to Nashville when he was 17. But Shelton says Oklahoma has always been home.

“I remember waking up every day and saying something’s gonna give. I’m either gonna make it or not. Either way I’m going back home.”

And thankfully for us fans, he did make it. Blake has gone on to have numerous hits over the years as well as a lot of public changes and personal challenges. Through it all, he says his faith has kept him grounded. It’s been Shelton’s role as a coach on The Voice that has brought him the most attention in recent years. He’s picked five out of the last 11 winners. So what’s his secret?

“I think the trick is being lucky. I’ve seen other coaches get a little too involved and they’ve derailed artists.”

I had to ask him where he gets his love of entertaining from. He told me he thinks all Okies are natural entertainers. And anyone who’s been around me for a hot second can tell you, that’s true.

“It’s just a state of mind. Oklahoma. Those of us that live there and are from there, we get it. I’ve said for a long time that Oklahomans are just natural entertainers. I don’t think it’s anything special that I do, I’m just proud to be an Oklahoman, and just shine as much as I can whenever I’m on television or on stage…where ever it is.”

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