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Motherhood in Hollywood is on-location this week!  I hit the road to check out the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in LA.  I met some inspiring mom friends and got up close and personal with cool new products for parents.  I’m going to list them all here but that doesn’t mean you can skip listening to the show. You would miss me ask really ridiculous questions like the mom-dork that I am. It’s a tasty treat for your earholes!

Betsey Johnson's energy is contagious! 3! LOL

Betsey Johnson’s energy is contagious! 3! LOL

Mom-To-Be Audrina Patridge

Mom-To-Be Audrina Patridge











I chatted with Audrina Patridge (The Hills, DWTS) about her plans to balance work and family once her little one arrives. And I got to ask her what she’s having! Any guesses?  And eccentric doesn’t even begin to describe the energy of fashion designer Betsey Johnson. She was there to support her little brother (aww!) Robert as he spreads the word about Cheeky Monkey-a peanut butter snack for infants to help reduce the risk of peanut allergies. I could have listened to them talk and rib each other all night.  You’ll love what she says about a new business she’s opening in Mexico and how she manages 14 brands bearing her famous name.

Melissa and Veena

Former Miss Californias Melissa Chaty & Veena Crownholm

Mom of 2 and actress Beverly Mitchell (7th Heaven, The Secret Life of The American Teenager) shared her must-have item for getting through the day.  Her answer might surprise you! And former MIH guest/Miss California Veena Crownhlom and ClubMomMe’s Rachel Pitzel shared their coolest find at the event (Doona-we’re looking at you!) Dr. Tanya Altmann gave me some insights from her new book “What To Feed Your Baby” so that I can hopefully get Chan to eat something other than bread. And I met some AWESOME moms from Expressing Motherhood-a moth style monologue show that tackles parenting topics.  The gals from Mommy Tonk serenaded me with a catchy song that I kept humming all the way home.  And finally the women of the Knightsbridge Nanny Agency shared insights on what makes a great nanny.  These ladies know their stuff!  This episode is PACKED with funny interviews, helpful insights on parenting products, and exclusive thoughts on motherhood from celebrity moms that you’ll only hear on MIH. You’ll also only hear me laughing at my own jokes from time to time. Bonus for you!  Huge thank you to Risa and Leslie from Big City Moms for having me at the event.  Can’t wait until next year!

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