Father’s Day isn’t just a time for grillin’ burgers and sluggin’ beer (although that’s an AWESOME part of it). It’s also a day to gather the fam and watch dad’s favorite movies. The father in our family (hey boo!) is a big movie fan just like his girls. So of course I had to ask him about his favorite movies and together we came up with a list of must-see movies for dads on Father’s Day. From badass to sweet, here’s our top picks!

1. Empire Strikes Back

Chris picked this one for obvious reasons. It has the classic line, “Luke, I am your father” and I’m pretty sure that’s required for all new dads to say at some point. The whole movie is filled with action, and is arguably the best Star Wars movie ever made. Definitely on the top of the list.


2. Predator

I don’t know why Chris likes this one. I personally think it’s scary. But this list isn’t about me sooooooo…..


3. Finding Nemo

How can you not relate to the dad in Finding Nemo? I mean, I assume you’ve never lost a fish-son at sea, but you know what I mean. Perfect Father’s Day movie! And I love that Channing calls Marlin, Daddy Nemo… awwww <3 


4. Mrs. Doubtfire

Who doesn’t love a dad in drag? This movie is so funny and all about the lengths a dad will go to in order to spend more time with his kids. Plus Robin Williams is a genius.


5. Father of The Bride

I’m tearing up as I write this. It may not be on every dad’s list because it’s so smushy, but it’s definitely on every mom and daughter’s list. And I really want Steve Martin to be my dad which is totally not weird at all.

wrath of khan kirk son

6. Wrath of Khan

This is the Trek where we find out Kirk has a son. So yeah. Chris thinks it should go on this list.

fwb_lion-king_201305207. The Lion King

A story about a father who gives his life to save his son is absolutely going on this list. We haven’t watched it yet with Chan but we want to. I think she’ll love it, and I think we’ll bawl like babies.


8. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Nothing beats some bonding between Indy (Harrison Ford) and his dad (Sean Connery). They have great chemistry and the Indy movies are just awesome to watch.  This is our fave in all the series.


9. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Chevy Chase was everyone’s dad in this movie. The true lovable loser that just wanted a nice vacation for his family but couldn’t catch a break. I’d watch this movie even if it wasn’t Father’s Day.


10. Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom does not get enough love. I have such fond memories of this movie when I was growing up. Michael Keaton was so funny, and paved the way for it to be cool for dads to stay at home with the kids.

over the top

11. Over The Top

I didn’t say this was the BEST movies for Father’s Day. I just said they are badass movies all dads will love. Sylvester Stallone plays an arm wrestling dad in this one and it is everything you can imagine it will be. I just have vivid memories of him working out his triceps while driving his truck and talking to his kid about “life”. Great. Now I want to watch it again!


12. Die Hard

Die Hard typically ends up on a lot of Christmas movie lists, but I think it totally works for Father’s Day too. John McClane is a family man just trying to save his wife, and an entire building full of people. This is a manly movie full of of testosterone and action and it makes me want to grill a steak and watch with my baby daddy!