Kids aren’t the only ones who need Back To School supplies that’s why I’m giving away a brand new pair of Beats by Dre urBeats Earbuds just for MIH fans!

beats by dre

That’s right. Grown-ups deserve to have a little treat every now and then so I want to giveaway a brand new pair of Beats By Dre urBeats Earbuds in their hottest new color, Rose Gold. It’s a $100 value!

These are the exact same kind of earbuds I use when I record MIH, talk on the phone, or listen to jams on my iPod. Except yours will be brand new and have less earwax. Woo hoo!

heather beats by dre earbuds

They are without a doubt the most comfortable and high quality earbuds I’ve ever had. I used to buy the $7.99 cheepies from Target then wonder why they never stayed in my ear, or everyone sounded like they were in a tin can.  The quality of the Beats by Dre brand is undeniable. So why not get a pair, fooooorrrrr freeeeeee??

heather dre earbuds

Okay you say, but how much? And I say you aren’t paying attention! I’m giving them away. Just fill out the Rafflecopter entries below and get as many points as you can to increase your chances.  I’ll pick a winner at random by the end of summer on Aug. 29th.

Share the giveaway love with friends and you’ll have a little extra good karma come your way. Good luck!


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