heather bad momsThere are some moments in my life where I physically stop myself and say, you are truly blessed, Brooker.  I had one of these moments in the middle of the pink carpet frenzy at the Bad Moms premiere.

For those who don’t know,  I was a kick ass news reporter and international correspondent in my previous life. I loved interviewing people and telling their story. That love never really went away even when I decided to pursue acting. The only difference is now, I want to ask sillier questions and interject my own (hilarious) comments.

heather bad moms red carpet

Being on the pink carpet for the Bad Moms premiere was very nostalgic for me, but it was also a blast! The stars came out in full force to show their support of this comedy starring all women. That’s right. Lady power!

I’m just writing a little bit here as a TEASE to my next podcast episode for #MIHMonday. Sorry jerks! You’ll have to listen to see just how many ridiculous questions I asked. I’ll share all the interviews I did, and even some exclusives just for MIH!

Now, about the movie…everyone keeps asking me, how was it? Well guys, it’s not Shakespeare but it was funny! I know there’s been a lot of scuttlebutt around this movie because it was written by men about women. But let’s not take things too seriously for a second and just realize it’s a movie, for fun, starring women. Get the popcorn and Goobers and just enjoy the swears.

It was written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (The Hangover) with lots of input, they say, from their wives. They told me it was important to them when they took on this project to make sure the women in their lives said it felt real. As in, “A mom would never say that”. So keep that in mind when you go see it.  I’ll share more of what we talked about in the next episode of my podcast.

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn at the Bad Moms premiere July 26th

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn at the Bad Moms premiere July 26th

I laughed a ton in this movie thanks to Kathryn Hahn and her brilliant commitment to her role. She has an intensity that is hypnotic to watch. I’m also incredibly jealous that I didn’t get to play this part. I love swearing so much!

Side note…don’t take the kids. This is definitely NOT a movie for the kids. Lots of swears, sex jokes, etc which are perfect for old moms like me but not the little ones. You have been warned.

Moving on… Kristen Bell played a different type of character in this film and I guess it surprised me because I kept saying, “She’s so funny!” She has impeccable comedic timing. And I’m not the only one who thinks so because NBC has given her and Ted Dansen a new comedy show called The Good Place. Can’t wait!

Her husband Dax Shepherd was at the premiere and I tried to get him to come over for an interview but he was being whisked away. Oh well. Next time Dax!

And as far as Mila Kunis goes, I just want to be her friend LOL She’s so natural on camera and seems genuine in person. It instantly puts you at ease and draws you into her world.  Honestly, I had a hard time at first believing that this gorgeous woman could ever struggle at motherhood, or anything really. But she anchored the movie in a way that felt real, and again, made me want to grab drinks with her and vent about mom actor stuff.

Mila looked beautiful with her little baby bump on the pink carpet. In fact all the stars look fantastic. It would be weird if someone showed up NOT looking amazing right? Like, somebody’s getting fired if that happens….

Speaking of looking fantastic, this mama felt pretty great at the premiere too. My friend and stylist Alexis Scott helped me pick out my bright blue City Chic dress and it was perfect. And my friend Jen Blushi who is a beauty consultant did my hair. Thank you! You ladies rock!

Top questions from MIH listeners:

Should I go see this? Yes.

Should I take a date? Nope.

Should I have a girls night out? Definitely.

Do I have to be a mom to like this? No. But it helps.

Bad Moms opens everywhere July 29th. I’d love to hear what you think!