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Heather is an actress, mom, Emmy Award-winning writer and podcast host of the popular show, Motherhood in Hollywood.


The FAB Mom Tips On How To Bounce Back Fast After Baby!

When you think of bouncing back after having a baby, what comes to mind? My first reaction is physically getting in shape. But parenting lifestyle …

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Play Hide & Seek With UPPAbaby And You Could Win A Gregory CRUZ!

When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I started doing was researching strollers. I wanted to push one of my …

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Withings Steel HR Brings Style To Your Heart Health

I’m the first to admit that I could be more proactive about my health. As a mom with 2 (sometimes 3) part-time jobs, working out …

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That Time I Went To A Fashion Show And Someone Stole My Camera

This article will not have as many pictures as I had hoped it would. Or video. That’s because when I went to the LA Style …

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Tips on “Going Viral” From Experts Who Have Done It-More Than Once!

“Going Viral” is the new American Dream. Everyone from pre-teens to my co-workers are clamoring to get the latest viral sensation. After having an accidental …

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Beauty and The Beast Brings Nostalgia To The Big Screen

There isn’t a woman alive between the ages of 30 and 50 who doesn’t have a special memory of the animated version of Beauty and …

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FeaturedMommy Musings

Love Letter To The Childless Aunties & Uncles In My Life On International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and I wanted to take a minute to honor the women in my life who are not moms, by choice or …

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Christine Lakin Shares Her Birth Story & Details On ‘Hollywood Darlings’

One of the best parts of my podcasting experience so far has been bonding with other moms over their birth story. It’s like veterans coming …

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Oscars Red Carpet Luxury and Beauty Lounge Wows Hollywood Stars

In the world of award shows it doesn’t get much bigger than the Academy Awards. And in the weeks leading up to the big night, …

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Get It Together Mom! Expert Tips To Empower Moms In Parenting, Marriage and Career

Some days I think I have it all together. Then in one fell swoop things can fall spectacularly apart. I typically have some steps in …

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