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What a week!  It started with my love/hate relationship with the Globes. Then I officially kicked-off my #MIH15by15 weight loss challenge to lose 15 pounds by my 15th wedding anniversary in May. And I got some amazing actor news (details coming soon!). Finally,  I got to cap it off by making friends with a funny, down-to-earth mama named Anna Lind Thomas. Life is good ya’ll!

Anna Lind Thomas

Anna is the creative genius behind funny eCards website aimed at women. Honestly, dudes will probably love it too. It’s full of genuine and relatable eCards, stories and content all moms and women will enjoy.  She also recently launched a podcast where she shares her fun stories and interviews guests each week. Check out the recent show she did with yours truly!

In this episode we chatted about the wonder of meat buffets, Sister Wives, and funny women we admire.  All glorious and special topics in their own way.  Plus hard-hitting topics like our admiration of Amy Schumer, how much sex we’re having, and how much sex our husbands think we’re having. Often, they are different numbers. I had so much fun talking to Anna and we have mutually decided that we are going to be friends for life.  Thanks podcasting for bringing us together!

You can find the HaHas for HooHas podcast on iTunes, Blog Talk Radio or the HooHas website. And make sure you follow Anna and her HooHa on social media to keep up with the daily fun.