Take a minute and do a Google search for “acting classes with child care” and you will get some random theater camp links and info for child actors.  I’ve searched for a while and can’t seem to find any acting classes, at least none in LA, that offer a child care option. Am I missing something? Why doesn’t this exist? I feel like there are tons of actor parents out there who would take advantage of something like this and I’m surprised no acting teachers have jumped on it.

acting class child care options

I know there are licensing issues involved, and it costs extra money for a small business to provide a service like babysitting. But, and I don’t want to speak for all actor parents, I think this would be an awesome resource! I would be willing to drive all the way to Santa Monica on a weekday if there was a class where I knew my daughter could play and be safe while I ran some Meisner drills or learned comedy bits. Can someone make this happen? Not necessarily the Santa Monica part though… that might be pushing it. #Valley4Life It’s frustrating because I desperately miss the community of an acting class. And yes, I could take a night class but even then there would be some nights where I’d need child care if my husband works late. I don’t mean just an acting class either. What about the major improv and sketch schools? You can’t tell me that there are no parents taking classes at UCB, IO, Second City and Groundlings.

I realize that I chose to be a parent and that I have to make some sacrifices. But I’m trying to find ways to juggle my family life and my career. It may not be possible to have an acting studio that also provides babysitting and that frustrates me. In 2016 we have more parents navigating their way through Hollywood than ever before. We have to have some power right? Some ability to organize and say this is a need we have in our community. Who will help us?


Actor parents am I off base here? Would you take advantage of an acting studio that also offered some type of child care option? Acting teachers, does this sound like something that’s too far out of the scope services you’d be willing to offer? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. And if this kind of class does exist let me know! I would love to check it out.