I love being a mom in Los Angeles. We are minutes away from beautiful beaches, snow summits, and the glimmer of Hollywood. For most parents in the City of Angels, getting to the beach everyday or frolicking with the glitterati isn’t a realistic expectation. But I have some ideas for those parents who want to bust out of the doldrums of everyday LA life and spend a luxurious day with their kids. It can happen, right? After all just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to the finer side of the city every once in a while. Here’s a few of the most luxurious spots for play dates in LA.


1. Au Fudge

This whimsical new family-friendly restaurant from celebrity Jessica Biel and Estee Stanley drips with luxury right from the entrance. It looks more like a page out of a French children’s book than a family dining spot. Au Fudge is designed to welcome parents and their children for a fine dining experience. Come prepared to enjoy the diverse bar offerings, a creative space just for kids, and an appealing menu with a French twist on the food.  And also, be prepared to spend a pretty penny to enjoy the VIP feel of Au Fudge. This is definitely not Cheesecake Factory.

Au Fudge PHONE: 424 204 9228  ADDRESS: 9010 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood


2.Beverly Wilshire Spa

Beverly Wilshire Spa
(photo courtesy: Four Seasons)

The idea of planning a play date at the spa sounds about as amazing as winning the lottery. The spa lottery! This beautiful hotel has some pretty luxurious offerings for kids and parents. With treatments like the Princess Facial ($50), The Rock Star ($60) and The Superstar ($80) your little one can be super fabulous too while you enjoy treatments of your own.

Beverly Wilshire Spa PHONE: (310) 275-5200  9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills


3. Kids Brunch at the Magic Castle

It doesn’t get much more exclusive than the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  You have to know somebody who knows somebody to get a guest pass just to enter the building. If you have a budding magician or performer they will love exploring this world-famous magicians club. The most luxurious part of this spot is that everyone can get dressed up for a delicious brunch. Don’t be fooled by the Castle’s dark and mysterious exterior. The food inside is fine dining with kid-friendly options. If you’re feeling extra VIP and can swing it, you can rent the entire Castle just for your group of 20 or more, complete with private meals and a show. Fancy!

The Magic Castle PHONE: 323-851-3313 Address: 7001 Franklin Ave, Hollywood


4. Disneyland VIP Tour

This isn’t technically LA but just go with it. A private VIP guided tour of Disneyland with priority access to rides? Why are we not doing this right now!  What an awesomely luxurious play date to have with friends. Disney says you are given a personal concierge to guide you around the park, reserved seating for shows and nighttime performances and VIP services in the park. The price will run you between $315 and $355 depending on what time of year you go. And let’s not forget to add the ultra luxurious Club 33 to this list. If you have a membership or know someone who does, this would be the ultimate way to treat yourself to a VIP play date.

Disneyland VIP PHONE: (714) 300-7710

5. Huntington Garden Tea Room

Hungtinton Tea Room
(photo courtesy: The Huntington Library)

There is something terribly romantic and sweet about afternoon tea. When I first took my daughter to the Huntington Garden Tea Room I was really regretting my choice to wear sweatpants, as I often do. This adorable tea room surrounded by the lush gardens is the perfect luxury play date place for those who want something a little special. You can choose from a variety of cheeses, small bites, fruit and proper tea sandwiches. I would highly recommend making reservations so you don’t have to wait. $31 per adult, $7.50-$14.99 for kids.

Huntington Garden PHONE: 626-683-8131 ADDRESS: 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino

6. Lost and Found

Lost and Found lobster shirt
(photo courtesy: Lost and Found)

Want a high-end shopping experience where you can incorporate the kids? Check out Lost and Found in Hollywood. This luxury shopping center originally started as a children’s clothing store but has since expanded to 6 store fronts with everything from women and men’s clothing to gifts and a gallery. Lost and Found is in the heart of Hollywood so there are also lots of great places nearby to grab lunch on your play date.  I have my eye on a particularly cute “lucky fish lobster tee”. They also have a location in Santa Monica for the Westsiders. Definitely destination shopping for the parent who needs a posh playdate.

Lost and Found PHONE:  323-856-5872 ADDRESS: 6320 Yucca Street, Los Angeles

7. Movie Date at The Landmark

landmark screening room
(photo courtesy: The Landmark)

If you’re in LA, then movies are a part of your routine. But you can get fancy with your regular old movie going experience by going to a movie at The Landmark.  This theater offers an upscale movie-going experience for the discerning film fan in a sophisticated environment. You can get your moms together with the kids to see a movie in this posh palace. There is also a wine bar in the lobby, and elegant food that rivals most nearby restaurants. Several of the theaters have “screening lounges” with leather couches, perfect for napping after you’ve had a few trips to the wine bar. This will totally up your movie-going game and would be a special LA play date indeed.

The Landmark PHONE: (310) 470-0492 ADDRESS: 10850 West Pico at Westwood Boulevard


8. Young Pastry Chef’s Academy at The Peninsula

(photo courtesy: Beverly Hills Peninsula)
(photo courtesy: Beverly Hills Peninsula)

Your little baker will love getting their hands in the dough on this yummy play date.  Enroll them in the Young Pastry Chef’s Academy at the Peninsula Hotel and watch them frost to their hearts content. They will learn from the hotels top pastry chef while wearing a monogrammed Peninsula pastry uniform. You can choose between “The Joy of Cupcakes” or “Cookie Monsters” to sate that sweet tooth. As a bonus, the kids get to keep their uniforms and take home all the treats they make as well as photos of their class.  This sweet play date will set you back $425 and reservations are required.

The Peninsula PHONE: 310-551-2888 ADDRESS: 9882 South Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills