Did you know 4 out of 5 car seats are not installed properly? That’s a staggering statistic considering how many kids are being carted around every day in this country.

I know this because I learned all about car seat safety and home safety this week at the 5th Annual Red CARpet Safety event. It was held at The Commissary at Sony Pictures Studios where a ton of celebrities came out with their little ones to learn more about proper car seat installation.

red carpet safety event

Jenni Pulos, Ali Landry and Brooke Burke-Charvet at the 5th Annual Red CARpet Safety event

The event was co-founded by Ali Landry and Saraah Samandi to help raise awareness of car seat safety issues in a fun, informative way. I finally got to take Chris with me and Chan to an event which made it even more special. We stormed the rainbow carpet in typical Brooker style: real awkwardly!

chris and heather brooker


Once inside we were treated to car seat safety demonstrations from brands like Diono, Orbit Baby, UPPAbaby, and Nuna. There were also lots of areas for the kids to play, paint and explore which made it easy to convince Chan to go.

We’ve been wondering for a long time when to upgrade our car seat and whether or not it’s properly installed. Now that I’ve talked to the experts, I believe that it is.  But I still plan to follow-up with our local CHP office for a free car seat check up. Did you know they do that? You do now!

I had the pleasure of interviewing beautiful mom of 4 Brooke Burke-Charvet and CEO of ModernMom.com about her support of the organization. She was so kind to take the time to talk to me about her involvement with this event, and her experiences as a mom in Hollywood.

Brooke Burke-Charvet on how motherhood changed her career

Brooke Burke-Charvet on how motherhood changed her career

She says that Ali is one of her best friends and feels like car seat safety is an important issue for parents. So she left her kid’s soccer game early, knowing she needed to lend her support. I loved her honesty about talking with her kids when she has to work or miss school events.

There’s a perception that Hollywood moms are able to balance both parts of their lives equally, but Brooke says that’s not always the case and very often something gets sacrificed.

She also told me what it was like for her when she first became a mom and had an incredibly demanding job on a travel show. Remember Wild On? I remember seeing Brooke travel around the world on so many fun adventures so I was curious to know how it all changed when she became a mom.

You’ll love what she shares about how her perspective changed from her first child to her fourth on work and travel in entertainment.

After soaking up all the info I could about car seat safety, meeting some great companies and learning more about their products, we were ready to call it a wrap on the day. Which apparently we did just in time because Chan fell asleep within minutes of driving away, tucked securely in her car seat of course.

If you’d like more information on securing your car seat, you can contact your local CHP office, or visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website at www.nhtsa.gov.