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I’m so excited! The Television Academy has announced the 2016 Emmy nominations. It feels like Christmas morning, but with the same gifts we’ve opened for the past several years. Not that it’s a bad thing, just a familiar thing. Feel me?

“Game of Thrones” (rightfully) leads the nominations with 23, closely followed by “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” on ABC. One of these I watch obsessively, the other I missed entirely. Whoops! Thankfully there’s time to get caught up before the big show.

This is not going to be your typical “hits and misses” or snubs post about the Emmys. These are a few of my faves, and random comments because this is my blog and I can do what I want.


Hurray for “Game of Thrones”! This show is beyond amazing technically, on-screen and on paper. I’m kind of surprised that the majority of the cast were nominated in the supporting category. If Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrington are supporting roles, then who is the lead?? Crazy. I have a feeling this will go to Lena and Kit. But that’s just my initial guess and I am almost always wrong.mr. robot

Rami Malek’s nomination for “Mr. Robot” is super cool. I was really happy to see his name on the Lead Actor’s list, but I’m secretly still rooting for Kevin Spacey. He is mesmerizing on “House of Cards”.

I think it’s fantastic that Aziz Anzar’s show “Master of None” received 3 nominations! I can only assume it’s because I included it in the MIH Top Comedy’s list earlier this year. Even thought it’s nominated in 3 categories, Best Actor, Directing, and Comedy, I don’t think it will win. It’s too smart and I don’t think it’s quite as popular as the other shows. Prove me wrong Academy!

Bobs Burgers

Shoutout to Bob’s Burgers for its Outstanding Animation Program nomination. Man, that’s a great show. Honestly it blows all of the others in that category out of the water.

Did you know there is an Outstanding Narrator category? I want in on some of that narrator action! This year, Laurence Fishburne has it on lock for “Roots”.


I think Amy Schumer will win at least one of her 4 nominations. We all love her speeches and I bet if Emmy voters want to boost ratings they will give her some stage time.

Beyoncé has 4 noms for “Lemonade”. This confuses me even more. I thought “Lemonade” was a music video! I am so old. And white. Any way, go Beyoncé!

crazy ex girlfriend

My friend Rachel is a writer on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and it got 4 nominations! Congrats mama!  One of them was for Main Title Credits which is weird. I didn’t know you could get an Emmy for credits. I’m learning so much through this post.

The regular nominees all made a strong showing.  “Veep”, “Fargo”, “House of Cards” and “The Voice”.  Loved seeing  “What happened, Miss Simone?” with 6 nominations on the list. It was a wonderful documentary.

heather brooker emmy

Click here to see a complete list of the nominees and judge away for yourself. Were you surprised? Was the list what you expected? I have a few things to catch up on before the Emmy’s air on Sept. 18th 4p PST. I also need to decide what to wear while I sit on my couch and eat Goobers and popcorn!