If you have spent any time around a preschooler you know they are obsessed with poo. Talking about it, singing about it, doing it. No poo is left un-flushed.  And around my house, potty words are all the rage.


In fact I’ve been quite impressed with my 3-year-old’s ability to incorporate the word poo into just about every conversation, song, or random thought that pops in her head.

Just for fun, here are the ones that made my reactions range from cringeworthy to shits and giggles.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Poo Poo

The classic song with a twist.  She’s particularly fond of this one and it incites fits of laughter.

2. Poo Poo Face

Yes apparently this is something children still call each other then laugh hysterically.

3. Mommy Poo Poo & Daddy Poo Poo

After many years of keeping her alive, this is it what it comes down to.

4. Rockabye Poo Poo

The visual is too much to bear.

5. Minnie Poo

Poor Minnie Mouse. She really gets the brunt of the abuse in their relationship.

6. Car Poo Poo

The one phrase that causes parents to slam on the breaks and have a mild heart attack.

7. [Name of Food] Poo Poo

This one is particularly gross as it gets worked into dinner time conversation. Usually with some sort of vegetables involved.


8. That’s not a [blank], It’s a Poo Poo!

Nothing is immune. It can all be replaced at any time with poo poo.

9. Jesus Loves Me This I Poo Poo

Pray. For. Me.

10. I Want To Brush My Poo Poo

This applies to toothbrushes and hair brushes and is equally horrifying.

11. The Poo Poo Dance

Okay, I actually kind of like this one. She blurts it out and then does a weird kind of twirling twerk that cracks me up. Also it makes me think of The Humpty Dance for some reason.

12. The Poo Poo Store

Aka, any store we go into. I’ve tried to teach her Target’s real name, but she wants none of it.

13. The Book About Poo Poo

There really is a book about poo poo. It’s just never the one she’s referring to.

14. Poo Poo Phone

I have a feeling she only calls it that because she’s seen me in the bathroom with it. Whoops!

15. [Any Song] Poo Poo

My favorites in no particular order are, “The sun’ll come out, to poo poo”, “The itsy, bitsy poo poo crawled up the water spout”, “Where is poo poo? Where is poo poo? Here I am! Here I am!”, and finally, “Here I stand, in the light of poo poo. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me poo poo.” Kind of has a nice ring to it.